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Oliver Glover-Wilson MIET is paving the way for a brighter future

Oliver studied product design engineering with an integrated master’s at Loughborough University for five years, and it was here that he found his passion for engineering.

“My first exposure to engineering within the medical industry was my dissertation, which focused on robotic assisted neurosurgery. I found the topic so interesting; I actually wrote a second dissertation the same year on a more conceptual robotic assisted neurological system for more complex procedures!”

He was awarded the MTC Innovation Manufacturing Engineering Final Year Merit upon graduating with a first class honours – demonstrating that when you find your passion, there is no stopping you.

“Following what others around you are doing doesn’t mean it’s right for you – there is a lot of value in finding something that you enjoy or you’re passionate about, and that’ll be different for everyone and may change overtime.”

In his early career, Oliver is only at the beginning of a continuous journey of learning and development.

“In my role at Crux, I am involved in everything from testing to hands-on design ideation or CAD work. They offer the opportunity to work directly with clients to develop solutions to projects in a fast paced and collaborative environment, and also have a big emphasis on developing the strengths of each individuals with specific up-skill training. I am most proud to be working at Crux, working on devices that I know will be used to directly improve a patients’ quality of life.”

Always setting himself projects to tinker on as an opportunity to learn new skills, Oliver is also Co-Founder of LavLab.

“This has evolved from a design competition entry for the Global Grand Challenges competition in 2019, where we proposed a turn-key toilet block facility with the capability to convert human waste into fertiliser and bio-gas. There are three of us who work on LavLab, and each have an area of focus – mine is the R&D of the product itself.”

Oliver was first introduced to the IET during his placement at Triumph Motorcycles

Since then there has been no stopping him as he has become a Young Professional (YP) Ambassador, co-founded the IET OnCampus group at Loughborough University, became an IET representative for Crux and founded the Bristol YP Committee.

“Volunteering is something where you get out as much as you put in, and a multidisciplinary institution like the IET is a great place to grow in terms of finding what you are most passionate about and also overcoming fears, like public speaking.”

What’s to come for Oliver’s Future?

“For me, engineering is all about the journey as well as endless learning and development, so I plan on continuing to seek out opportunities to develop new skills and projects.”