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What employers look for


Technical skills are all very well but don’t forget about your soft skills. The ability to communicate clearly and concisely is one of the top skills needed in today’s business environment. It’s worth noting that multinational companies especially like language skills.

Take an interest

Employers like applicants who know about the company and have specific reasons for applying to them because they want to hire graduates who fit with their core values. Be inquisitive and challenging about the company history and its products and services.


This one we all know about, but we don’t always know how to demonstrate it. Show that you work well with others through influence and persuasion.


Show that you’re analytical and innovative with good planning and organisational skills to back this up. Demonstrate that you know how to apply your knowledge to resolve problems and arrive at solutions.

Learn from your mistakes

If you discuss mistakes you’ve made in the past, follow it up with what you’ve learned and how you’ve used this to your benefit. Employers like to know you take responsibility for your actions.

Work experience

It’s attractive to employers when graduates take the initiative to go over and above to learn more about the industry they’re interested in. so be sure to make the most of your university breaks. The majority of companies love to hear about your community involvement.


Organisations generally prefer recruits from accredited degree courses because they can be sure they’ve fulfilled specific education criteria, as well as being well placed to continue towards professional registration.

(With thanks to IBM, Bentley Motors, QinetiQ, RWE npower)