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The EDF Energy graduate scheme

The first nine months of the programme are spent rotating around the Central Technical Organisation, Station Engineering, Operations, Maintenance and Technical & Safety functions so that graduates can see how everything fits together.

Once graduates have completed the initial nine months of training, the final six months of the programme will be spent in an area that suits the individual’s own skill set and preferences. This six months will provide a broad understanding of the chosen business area, involving them in real-life projects.

Once this period is complete, the graduates will then take up a substantive role within an appropriate business area, in line with business needs.

The benefits of joining the EDF Energy graduate scheme

Graduates will receive a starting salary of at least £25,100 when they join the scheme as well as an annual pay review and bonus. A place on the scheme comes with 25 days holiday per year and access to the company’s salary pension scheme.

For new starters, EDF Energy provides a living allowance of £250 per month from the start of the programme in September through to December, and then an allowance of £100 per month from January to August – what a lovely welcome!

The application process for the EDF Energy graduate scheme

"Candidates for all EDF Energy graduate programmes submit an online application which includes competency and motivation questions along with a requirement to input educational achievements required for the role,” says EDF Energy’s Early Careers Recruitment Advisor.

“Once online applications have been submitted, candidates progress to psychometric testing, and providing a pass mark in this element is achieved, they will then be interviewed by telephone.

“Depending on required hire numbers, a ratio of between two and three candidates to one hire are invited to an assessment centre. This centre is a two-day event comprising behavioural group exercises, examination style psychometric testing and a one-hour technical interview.”

When to apply to the EDF Energy graduate scheme

The company will be opening its website for applications in September with a closing date towards the end of December. Assessment centre events are usually held in February and March.

For further information on EDF Energy's graduate scheme please visit