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Develop your knowledge, skills and competence

Plus, when it comes to advancing in your career, we can support that too. Use our resources for your Continuing Professional Development (CPD), show employers how you’ve developed your skills and your dedication to professional growth, which is invaluable when you’re ready to take on your next role.

To get you started, here are 6 activities you might not know count towards CPD. Knowing what to do to grow professionally is one thing, knowing where to find the tools to build your competence is another.

Here’s how we can support you.

Specialist engineering skills training

IET Academy is our e-learning platform for engineers and technologists at all stages of their career.

Get in-depth training in everything from professional skills such as budgeting, management and ethics, to sector-specific courses.

Learning for life

From on-the-job experience to personal development, you never stop learning.

It’s why we’ve developed training courses to complement your everyday activities and boost your profile, whatever route you’re taking.

Expanding your skillset outside the workplace could help you reach your full potential in your job role.

From learning how to deal with conflict to the fundamentals of project management, our Lifeskills online e-classes can help you improve your soft skills to complement your technical knowledge in the workplace.

Your Professional Development

Keep a record of job roles, projects and any professional training or qualifications use Career Manager to log your development against recognised competence frameworks and make action plans for the future.

Young Professionals competitions

How about developing a new skill? Try honing your presentation skills with the IET #PresentIn10 presentation competition. We’ve got a host of competitions for our Young Professionals.

With prize money and major kudos up for grabs, check them out and get involved!