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Access the latest news, events and insight on best practice in your sector and beyond

We’ve got everything you need, from the latest engineering and technology news to events, to keep up to date on the latest industry movements, which will benefit your professional growth and career in the long run.

Gain insight on best practices from fellow experts, be part of delivering ground-breaking thought leadership across the profession and inspire technology innovation with us right from the start of your career.

Here’s how we can help you to remain industry-informed and push the boundaries to solve the challenges that matter to all of us, whilst following best practice to succeed in any role.

Member-led thought leadership

Channelling the expertise of our members for the advancement of engineering and the benefit of society, our member-led panels deliver impactful insight across many industry sectors.

You’ll be able to develop your knowledge from these insights, which will be made available to you in a range of formats.

Setting the standards

Our Codes of Practice and guidance materials for professionals help to maintain the impeccable high standards that our community deserves.

Using expertise to achieve consensus and give you accurate and trusted information on best practices in emerging and established technology fields.

We also publish BS 7671: the IET Wiring Regulations and develop standards that dictate industry best practices around the world.

News from the source

Free for members, our award-winning E&T magazine is packed with articles, lively debate, interesting facts and authoritative coverage.

Covering key sectors like communications, control and automation, electronics, management, IT, manufacturing and power, it’s the publication for professionals in all parts of the engineering and technology world.

Attend innovative events

From being a part of a thriving global network of like-minded professionals to developing new technical knowledge, attending our events will also equip you with the skills and experience you need to build your most exciting career.

Take a look at our Events Calendar for all the events we’ve got coming up.