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Interpersonal skills

If you don’t know what they are, you’re not alone, but we're here to help.

Having strong interpersonal skills means you’re able to:

Lead Listen
Motivate  Communicate (verbally and in writing)
Encourage  Value opinions
Negotiate  Take constructive criticism

Which boxes do you tick?

You’ve probably already nailed a few of these without even knowing. Think about how do you deal with other people’s angry outbursts, or how you get colleagues to see your point of view. Do you find these things easy or difficult? Ask friends and family to list your strengths and weaknesses and pick out the ones that come up in common.

Get to work

Once you know which areas could use some work, you can target them for improvement. We offer a range of life skills courses that will set you up with a suite of interpersonal skills. You could even volunteer as an IET mentor which is an incredible exercise to grow in almost all areas.

If you’d like to practice on a wider audience, you could promote the engineering profession in schools by volunteering as a STEM ambassador.