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Taking a career break

Distance can also help you think more clearly and improve your attitude. That being said, you need to go about suggesting a career break very carefully - you wouldn’t want to damage your career! Here’s how:

  • Talk to people who’ve done it before you.
  • Check your company policy and think about your employer’s attitude to career breaks.
  • Don’t demand – negotiate, and be prepared to ask more than once. Pose it as a win-win situation where everybody benefits.
  • Make a list of all things you’ll gain from your time out and share them with your employer. For example, new skills, renewed enthusiasm, contacts and so on. Remember, it’s not a holiday!
  • Figure out who’ll be covering when you’re away and don’t leave any gaps in your plan.
  • Talk about what happens after your break so your employer knows you plan to be back, buzzing with renewed motivation!