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Career support when you need it

  1. Know your rights - the first thing you should do is to read up on what you’re entitled to. Speak to your trade union or human resources representative.
  2. Stay positive - a good attitude is the key to success. Your mind will be clearer, and other people like friends, acquaintances and interviewers, are more likely to be helpful. If you’re struggling to see the bright side, look at the turn of events as an opportunity for change for the better.
  3. Update your CV - if you’ve been in the same job for a while, your CV is definitely out of date. Remember to add in all the skills you’ve learned since you last interviewed. It’s also a great opportunity to self-assess.
  4. Blow the dust off your contact book - Look up old friends and colleagues, almost everyone has a network of associates who are in the industry, and many of them will know about vacancies or opportunities that aren’t advertised.

If you still feel a little bit out at sea or want to discuss your situation one on one, there’s help to be had.

Foothold is our free information and financial legal advice line for members (current and past) and their dependents. We help in practical ways, like giving you a free place on a career coaching programme to help you return to work.

There’s lots of support outside of the IET too.




  • SFIA for ICT
  • Cogent for oil and gas, petroleum, chemicals, polymer and nuclear
  • SEMTA for science, engineering and manufacturing technologies
  • Energy and utility skills for electricity, gas, waste management and water

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