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Solving the issue of climate change is a global challenge that will involve all of us, this includes organisations who have the responsibility to ensure that their manufacturing process is sustainable and productive to the environment.

Inspec helps researchers stay up to date on the latest advancements on productive manufacturing through its wide coverage of related research areas such as sustainable development, recycling, environmental issues and manufacturing resources and products. Inspec Analytics shows that research relating to these topics has grown rapidly since 2013.

Sustainable development

From 2013-2020, more than 56,200 published articles have been indexed that relate to the controlled term Sustainable development, the article output during this time increased >338%. The articles in the subject area have been cited 187,200 times, with an average of 3.33 citations per article. Over 7,800 organisations have published content within this controlled term.

Recycling (E1840)

During 2013-2020, over 49,000 published articles have been indexed by Inspec that relate to the subject classification Recycling, the article output during this period increased >434%. The articles within this research area have been cited over 174,500 times with over 6,500 organisations publishing content during the time span.

Environmental issues (E0230)

The Environmental issues subject classification has seen over 277,000 articles published and indexed between 2013-2020. Article output in this research area has seen a >282% increase during this time with the articles having been cited over 797,000 times, an average of 2.87 citations per article. Over 12,000 organisations have published content within the research area during the time span.

Manufacturing resources and products (E1700)

Within the Manufacturing resources and products subject classification, more than 652,000 articles have been published and indexed by Inspec since 2013. This area of research has seen an >203% increase in article output, with over 1,663,000 citations and 14,000 organisations publishing in this subject area.



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