Section 6.7a - Staff supervision and management of student project

Guidance on the completion of Section 6.7a of Form A part 2 - Staff supervision and management of student project (MEng group project).

Why does the IET need this information?

The IET need to see that appropriate support and guidance are in place for the students throughout the duration of the project and that projects are appropriate.

What format should we present the information in?

You are expected to provide a summary, giving examples and providing links to relevant process documents and/or links to further information.

Give details of how the students’ work-plan is managed, including any formal and informal supervision

Is there anything else we need to be aware of when completing this section?

Accreditors may ask the following questions:

How often do supervisors meet students? What formal/informal supervision do students receive? What supervision is available for industrial projects? Who supervises industrial projects? How are student’s work plans managed?

Project guidelines handbook should include:

  • contact details of all supporting staff;
  • policy for heath and safety;
  • policy on plagiarism;
  • selection of projects;
  • timescales;
  • format for the project layout;
  • marking scheme details;
  • mechanisms for feedback, complaints and special support.

There should be regular contact between staff and project students:

  • How often do supervisors meet students?
  • What supervision do students receive?
  • What supervision is available for industrial projects?
  • Who supervises the industrial projects?
  • How are students work plans managed?

Staff loads need to enable appropriate support to be given.

Laboratory guidance and supervision should include:

  • Details of Health and Safety modules relating to working in the laboratory;
  • Details of laboratory technicians;
  • Access to the laboratories for project work.

When considering standard and appropriateness, the panel will consider:

  • are the projects are set at an appropriate level;
  • are they relevant to current industrial practice;
  • are the projects research related;
  • is the quality of presentation acceptable (grammar, tense, illustrations, symbols units, references)?