Section 5.5 - Student support

Guidance on completing Section 5.5 of Form A part 2 - Student support.

Why does the IET need this information?

UK-SPEC requires the IET to consider how the cohort entry extremes will be supported.

What format should we present the information in?

Give details of academic support given to students, such as personal tutors, and pastoral care and the actions taken to support students whose entry profile or performance is outside the nominal range for which the programme is designed

Accreditors are likely to explore this topic with students at the visit.

Is there anything else we need to be aware of when completing this section?

The IET is non-prescriptive about student support.

Student support should be appropriate to the intake. Students should have access to staff and know how to achieve this. Mechanisms should be in place to address the issue of those needing help but not seeking it.