Section 5.1 - Entry routes

Guidance on completing Section 5.1 of Form A part 2 - Entry routes.

Why does the IET need this information?

UK-SPEC requires the IET to consider the entry route to the programme and how the cohort entry extremes will be supported.

What format should we present the information in?

A description of the different entry routes should be presented. Please indicate the entry routes onto each programme (including entry into the later years), including home and overseas students

Indicate any collaboration/franchise arrangement with other education institutions.

Is there anything else we need to be aware of when completing this section?

Direct entry into the final year (except MSc) may be acceptable under certain conditions. Please refer to our direct entry policy.

The entry requirements need to be coherent with the support offered to students and lead to a reasonable expectation of success.

Departments with programmes that have a significant number of direct entry students into the final year must ensure that this does not have an adverse effect on those following the accredited programme.

Franchise arrangements will require a visit to the franchise institution and the preparation of a separate submission. This includes identical courses delivered by home staff at alternative sites. The programme on which the franchised programme is based should normally be accredited before a visit takes place.

Feeder courses from partner institutions (eg further education providers delivering a Foundation Degree) may be included within the scope of the accreditation, subject to the information and data on these programmes being included within the Form A or as an appendix to the submission. A short visit to the provider will be required to consider the resources and facilities and to meet the staff.

Students from franchised programmes or feeder programmes that are not included within the scope of the accreditation should be clearly identifiable to external parties normally through the use of a different degree title.