Section 4.4- Weighting of continuously assessed work

Guidance on completing section 4.4 of Form A part 2- Weighting of continuously assessed work.

Why does the IET need this information?

The panel will be looking to see that there is an appropriate balance between the weighting of continuously assessed work and other assessment methods. Also see the guidance for 4.2 (c) and (d) and 4.3.

What format should we present the information in?

Give details of how continuously assessed work (including laboratory work) contributes towards final classification.  The IET would typically not expect to find a continuous assessment weighting greater than 40 per cent excluding the major project/dissertation. If your current weighting is outside of the IET’s recommendation please tell us about the philosophy behind this (please also see comments in section 4.2d)

Is there anything else we need to be aware of when completing this section?

Where coursework has a significant weighting eg 30 per cent or more, the panel would expect to see a QA process as rigorous as that which is in place for examinations.