Section 4.3- Laboratory and coursework assessment criteria

Guidance on completing section 4.3 of form A part 2: Laboratory and coursework assessment criteria.

Why does the IET need this information?

The panel will expect to see that students are presented with clear information on what is expected of them. The level that the assessment is measuring should be distinguishable and there should also be an opportunity for more able students to show their ability.

The panel may also ask the following questions:

  • How is plagiarism handled?
  • How are marks moderated?
  • How is feedback on coursework handled (e.g. turn round time)?
  • Is the content of Laboratory Work clearly defined?
  • Are the marking schemes appropriate?
  • In what way are the external examiners involved in the laboratory and coursework assessment process?
  • How does the department assure itself that laboratory and coursework assessment is as robust and secure as examinations?

What format should we present the information in?

You should provide a short written explanation outlining your approach to coursework assessment which may include the use of marking criteria, moderation and feedback. At the visit, you should provide examples of coursework with marking criteria sheets.

Is there anything else we need to be aware of when completing this section?