Professional Development contacts

Professional Development Manager

Dick Bacon

Dick oversees the Professional Development department and contributes to the development and communication of policy.


Senior Product Advisor - Mentoring and IPD

Kathryn Bain

This role supports engineers and those supporting them as they work toward professional registration as CEng, IEng, EngTech or ICTTech.  It encompasses the IET's Initial Professional Development (IPD) service and also includes representing the Professional Development team and in particular developing engineers in the process of initial professional development on the Registration & Standards Committee.



Training Co-ordinators

We manage a varied portfolio of face-to-face and online training courses that are delivered publicly and in-company.



Professional Development Co-ordinator - Mentoring 

Chris Davie

The mentoring service aims to train mentors and pair them up with people who have requested a mentor. Training is free and workshops run throughout the year.



Professional Development Web Co-ordinator and Team Administrator

The volunteer side of this role is assisting with the Professional Development Advisory Committee (PDAC). This committee reviews and develops existing professional development policies for engineers at all career stages, ensuring that they meet the needs of IET members and industry and take into account the effect of external influences such as Government policies. They also make sure that any policies (such as the new CPD Policy) are compatible with the policies of partner institutions and the Engineering Council. They provide advice on products and services that they think the IET should provide to support professional development for all members, and monitor their effectiveness.



Product Owner - CPD 

David Aylett

David oversees the IET’s policy on Continuing Professional Development (CPD), managing the annual review of a random sample of TMIET, MIET and FIET members’ records, reporting into the various associated committees and overseeing the work of Volunteer CPD Advisors.



Product Administrator - CPD

Matylda Socha

Matylda runs the annual review of a random sample of TMIET, MIET and FIET members’ CPD records, contributes to the improvement of Professional Development processes and provides guidance to the general membership on CPD policy as well CPD related products and services offered by the IET.



Product Owner - Career Manager

Kerry Lamacraft

Kerry looks after the planning and implementation of projects to develop and promote new versions of Career Manager. Career Manager is an online tool which allows you to plan and record your professional development.

Career Manager Support Co-Ordinator

Jack Allen

Jack helps with the daily upkeep of the system and enhancements along with data scrutinisation for improvement of service.