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Communities contacts

Head of Strategic Engagement

Alex Taylor

The Head of Strategic Engagement leads the team responsible for raising the profile and value of volunteer-led activities by aligning the plans and activities of the IET’s volunteer communities with the IET’s 2030 Strategy roadmap. A key aim for the team is to establish and develop physical and digital global networking and collaboration, co-ordinating work around the societal challenges through the Policy Panels, Technical and Local Networks, Student and Young Professionals, and Online EngX Community.

Global Communities Lead

Kelly Bishop

The Global Communities Lead is responsible for the leadership, management, strategy, operations, and governance of the IET’s local and technical networks around the world.

Senior Community Managers

  • Joanne Longton -Senior staff member CC, UK
  • Andrea Lund - Senior staff member CC, EMEA & CC Americas
  • Lynsay Callaghan - Senior staff member CC, Technical Networks
  • Dodi Mak - Senior staff member CC, Asia Pacific
  • Varsha Kothari - Senior staff member CC, South Asia

Responsible for the governance of communities committees (CCs) including the budgeting, strategy and operations.

Community Managers

  • Gemma Hadley
  • Deborah McKenzie
  • Tori Rooke
  • Sally Pridmore
  • Jenny Li
  • Alison Siu
  • Renee Tsui

The Community Managers (CMs) work closely with volunteers to develop IET communities. CMs offer strategic development support to new and existing groups as well as acting as a key liaison point for the IET and facilitating engagement with the wider IET. The CM team provide help with planning and budgeting, volunteer recruitment, engagement with other institutions, and help to identify opportunities for communities.

Local Network Managers (UK only)

  • Julie Hudson
  • Sandra Lucy

Local Network Managers (LNMs) support IET local networks in the UK, both online and with physical activities and empowering volunteers to develop, lead and promote thriving communities.

Young Professionals Strategic Development Manager

Lizzie Truett

Leads the strategic direction for engaging with this key audience segment for the IET. Responsible for raising the profile and amplifying the voice of young professionals globally throughout the IET with a particular focus on the Governance structure, ensuring the Institution stays relevant to future generations.

Young Professionals Portfolio Development Manager

Lydia Vaton

The YP Portfolio Development Manager works closely with the Young Professionals Committee (YPC) to develop products, services and initiatives that service the student and young professionals’ audience. They manage internal stakeholders and processes and the workload and expectations of the YP volunteers. Ultimately, the products, services and initiatives that this role will manage will help the IET’s strategic objective to engage with engineers under the age of 40.

Young Professionals Community Manager

Tom Mayes

The YP Community Manager supports students through the IET On Campus initiative and young professionals through virtual and physical activities to give them opportunities to develop their skills and better their professional prospects. An important part of the role is to empower student and young professional volunteers to develop, lead and promote the needs of their peers within their local communities. The role also manages the #PresentIn10 and Present Around The World (PATW) competition in partnership with the Communities team.

Young Professionals Co-Ordinator

Danny Farrell

Supporting the whole YP Team, the YP Co-ordinator manages the key social media channels for the YP audience including the private Student and YP Volunteer LinkedIn groups. They work closely with the YPC to develop exciting products, services and initiatives to appeal to a YP audience. They are also the Secretary for the YPC.

Finance and Operations Manager

Michelle Busson

The Finance & Operations Manager has oversight of the processes and policies that relate to communities funding and operations throughout the world as well as the financial allocation for volunteer activities delivered through the IET’s global Technical & Local Networks.

Finance Co-ordinator

Fabienne Prack

Providing admin and financial support to the Community Committees and finance support for the Communities team.