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About the sector

Sector vision and mission

The sector aspires to be the principal point of reference for engineers and technicians in the global transport industry.

Working with technical communities and the Transport Policy Panel, this sector will create and maintain a portfolio of engaging products and services for the
science, engineering and technology (SET) communities.

The sector aims to appeal to a broad audience from professionals working in the industry to those interested in transport.

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Sector aims

  • maintain a high awareness of industry trends and future challenges
  • identify emerging and key topics
  • deliver knowledge dissemination through collaboration with professional institutions and organisations
  • produce technical briefings, policy statements, codes of practice, thought leadership documents and reports
  • be agile and respond to announcements rapidly to provide an informed view to practitioners, academics and the public
  • work at both local and global levels with all stakeholders and industry to discuss issues and encourage best practice and innovation
  • work in synergy with the other IET Sectors on cross sector themes to share and advance knowledge throughout the global SET communities for the benefit of society