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Source your essential engineering intelligence from the five sectors

Access expertise, find current and reliable information, participate in active communities and attend industry leading events via the IET’s five sectors: Built Environment, Design and Production, Energy, Information and Communications and Transport.

These sectors will provide a focal point for you to exchange knowledge and source engineering intelligence to enhance your career. We will also champion the professional interests of these sectors to Governments and the wider public as well as work together with you to address the engineering and technology challenges of the 21st century.

The five sectors 

Built environment cube

Built Environment

Smart innovation for tomorrow's urban landscape

Tackling the global engineering challenges of tomorrow’s urban environment, this sector will focus on themes including intelligent building systems, energy systems, building transport systems, safety critical systems and environmental conditioning systems. Discover communities you can join, products and services available to support you, and relevant technical content.

Design and Production

Design and Production

Designing, developing, delivering; creating tomorrow

Addressing the issues and challenges facing design and production engineering, this sector will focus on design systems, infrastructure, innovative design and invention, new product introduction, process control and automation, product lifecycle and management systems and sustainable manufacturing. Source the latest information, events, career opportunities or join communities around the world.

Sector energy cube


Powering tomorrow; from smart homes to megagrids

Bringing together the global energy community to share and advance knowledge, this sector will address topics such as nuclear new build, electricity distribution, energy storage, electricity transmission, power system planning and operation and technology impacts on markets and regulation. Get access to the latest events information, global communities, technical content and support with professional development.

Information communications cube

Information and Communications

Connecting tomorrow, digitally

Linking professionals to a world of information, this sector covers topics such as; digital systems; electronic computing and control; video and broadcasting and wireless and satellite communications. Find out the latest in information and communications engineering by accessing IET products and services, events and communities globally.

Transport cube


Engineering excellence for future transport systems

Influencing innovations for rail, road, air and marine transportation, this sector will focus on themes such as utilisation (sweating assets), electric and hybrid vehicles, energy mix (sources, storage and usage) and security. Access the latest news, technical information, events, IET products and services, support for professional development or join communities.