Strategic Engagement and Partnerships

We channel the global expertise of our members for the advancement of engineering, and the benefit of society. Gathering intelligence from engineers across the profession, we inspire technology innovation, develop best practice, provide robust, impartial information to key stakeholders, and influence government policy.

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Introduction to IET sectors

Built Environment Sector Logo  

Built Environment

We champion the physical environments that people need to work, rest and play - offices, homes, services and open spaces.

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Design and Production

We create successful partnerships and collaborations that generate impact around core engineering initiatives in manufacturing and design, from robotics to sustainability and beyond.

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The Energy Sector is passionate about low-carbon ‘smart’ energy systems. We focus on opportunities for engineering and technology in this innovative space and provide independent, impartial thought leadership on the subjects relevant today and in the future.

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Information and Communications

We connect with the relentless pace of technological innovation within the digital sector, which encompasses a more diverse universe of players than ever before, bringing transformational change to the everyday lives of people across the globe.

Transport Sector Logo  


We work closely with the engineering transport community to understand the level of technology development in autonomous vehicles, future transport technologies, intelligent mobility and energy efficient transport across all modes of transport.

Key thought leadership topics 2016

  Future Cities logo

Future Cities

Focusing on people and their needs.

What do cities need to deliver for their communities in the future?

We showcase the experiences of those working in the regenerative and smart city spaces and champion holistic, joined-up, cross-sectoral, inter-disciplinary solutions to the meet the challenges of tomorrow, today.

Changing population logo  

Changing population

Innovation for longer, healthy and happy lives.

Technology has changed the way we live, providing us with life choices and solutions previous generations could only dream of.

Putting people at the heart of the agenda, technology has a vital supporting role to play in helping to transform our economies, infrastructure and communities.


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