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Powering tomorrow; from smart homes to megagrids

A home for those working or interested in energy technology. Offering a platform for the exchange of knowledge and facilitating professional networking for the science, engineering and technology (SET) communities. 

Latest news

62-year-old Tanzanian farmer Elizabeth Mukwimba: UK aid-funded solar power brings light to Tanzanian farmers

A scheme backed by the Department for International Development is bringing household solar systems to remote, rural areas of Tanzania.

German battery maker Sonnenbatterie has launched a solar power sharing scheme Solar power sharing scheme launched in Germany

A German battery maker has launched a solar energy sharing scheme that makes households equipped with photovoltaic panels and battery storage systems less dependent on major utilities by enabling them to trading their electricity.

Key topics

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Renewable Energy

If you are interested in learning about engineering innovation within Renewable Energy then please follow this link for interesting content, events, news and tweets from our members, partners and wider industry stakeholders.

Flames from fire

Heat Debate

Hot on the heels of a series the regional debates, the IET Energy and Built Environment sectors are collaborating on a series of initiatives around ‘the future of urban heat’. Join us as we engage with industry partners and stakeholders around decarbonising heating, cooling and power. Contact Gordon Graham.


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IET GB Power System Modelling Capability Reports

The IET were commissioned by the Council for Science and Technology (CST) “Energy Sub-Group” to conduct a research study and produce a report on the emerging challenges for modelling electricity systems and how Britain’s capabilities would need to be adapted to assess electricity system resilience as GB makes the transition to a low carbon electricity system.

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DECC Future Power System Architecture Project (FPSA)

The FPSA project is intended to rigorously test the IET’s proposition that the current approach to planning and operating the power system in Great Britain may not be robust to the challenges it will have to meet to facilitate a low carbon energy future, which will result in greater complexity and extensive whole-system interactions. The IET has proposed that a ‘System Architect’ role is required to provide essential technical integration of a future, more complex, system architecture in order to maintain a secure and affordable power system.

Sector publications

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Energy Sector Newsletters

Bringing you all the latest on IET Energy Sector initiatives, partnerships and thought leadership together with details of upcoming events, Sector highlights on and opportunities for you to get involved!

Energy articles

Artificial photosynthesis: Mimicking nature's most powerful trick

Artificial photosynthesis: Mimicking nature's most powerful trick

09 November 2015

There’s wind, there are photovoltaic cells, but we need a way to store the energy. Could artificial photosynthesis - turning the sun’s energy into a fuel, such as hydrogen - one day replace dirty coal and other fossil fuels as a plentiful source of green, clean energy? We analyse how far this technology has come.

Keeping the lights on

Keeping the lights on

12 October 2015

Coal provides 40 per cent of the world’s electricity. Can we meet growing energy demand and still save the planet?

Graphene to gold? Moving beyond the lab

Graphene to gold? Moving beyond the lab

12 October 2015

Five years after Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov won the Nobel Prize for their work on graphene, what progress have we made to turn the wonder-material’s promise into profit?

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