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We celebrate innovation in designing, developing and making the things people need. We focus on opportunities for engineering and technology. Bringing together experts from industry, academia and government, we deliver programmes of activity, inspired by issues of the day and innovation around manufacturing and design, from robotics to sustainability and beyond.


Image showing a sports car

Investors learn more about little-known ‘jewel in the crown’ of UK engineering, the SMEs of Motorsport Valley

SMEs from the UK’s booming £9 billion global motorsport industry presented to the City by the Motorsport Industry Association at an investment showcase.

John Clarkson speaking at Ageing Society event

Technological innovation to revolutionise life for ageing population and benefit economy

The latest report, “Opportunity Knocks”, published by the International Longevity Centre – UK (ILC-UK), in conjunction with the IET and the University of Cambridge’s Engineering Design Centre highlights that technological innovation could revolutionise life for the ageing population and benefit the economy.

Key topics

Image of man next to manufacturing machine


With the changing landscape in manufacturing and a focus on the journey towards Industry 4.0, this hub showcases key topics such as Virtual Reality and Advanced Manufacturing through to the Implementation of Automation. Exploring the key technologies to hit Manufacturing in the next ten years, there will be a drive towards innovation and the resurgence of Industry within the UK.

Image of cogs


From Industrial Design focusing on the user experience in the engineering of products, to the growing importance of Inclusive Design with consideration for the diversity of the population, this hub looks at the important role of design within technology and innovation. There will be a focus on how existing design and technologies can be adapted for the needs of a changing population within Design and Society.

Image of robotic hand

Robotics and Autonomous Systems

Looking to improve and accelerate cross sectoral growth, Robotics and Autonomous Systems explores the latest innovation and showcases the newest technological developments. Highlighting the revolutionary role of engineering in the transition to fully autonomous systems, key topics include Mechatronics, Robotics start-ups and Artificial Intelligence, through to Unmanned Vehicles and Aircraft Systems.

Image of note book with innovation plans

Innovation to commercialisation

Showcasing the latest news and innovation from the nine Catapults and Innovate UK, this hub offers a knowledge platform facilitating access to professional expertise for SME’s, science, engineering and technology communities. Exploring the current design and manufacturing landscape, this hub will also include content from EPSRC and information on funding and competitions; alongside topics such as Intellectual Property and Horizontal Innovation.



Super-sensitive graphene microphone could be ultrasonic

Researchers have created a microphone made of graphene that is 32 times more sensitive than a conventional nickel-based device. 

Robot to help passengers navigate Amsterdam airport

A surroundings mapping robot named Spencer will be helping passengers at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport find their way to the gates.

Blue Origin suborbital rocket lands back at launch pad

Blue Origin, the rocket company led by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, has successfully demonstrated a suborbital rocket that can land back at its launch pad.

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