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British Business Embassy days - Healthcare and Life Sciences Summit

The Healthcare & Life Sciences Summit held on 2 August 2012 highlighted the strength of these sectors in the UK and key global trends and challenges in improving healthcare, especially the use of technology.

Speakers included Ministers for Science and Trade, the UK’s Chief Medical Officer, Lord Darzi the UKTI Business Ambassador and Professor of Surgery, senior officials from the Department of Health, NICE and the NHS, a number of leading academics; and international experts.

The Healthcare & Life Sciences Summit Summary, summarises speakers’ views on:

  • Why the UK is a world leader in life sciences and a great partner for innovation, thanks to the wealth of experience and data available in the National Health Service (NHS);
  • How technology, informatics and mobile connectivity is improving healthcare globally, especially the treatment of long-term health conditions, accuracy of prescriptions and ability to support patients in remote locations;
  • Other trends and challenges in healthcare, such as the move to an integrated ‘health and well-being service’, the treatment of patients with multiple long-term conditions, the importance of tackling dementia and the role of human genome sequencing;

In addition, recent advances in medical rehabilitation and innovations in sensors to monitor health and wellbeing were discussed at the Assistive Medical Technologies Summit on 3 September.

UK scientists are some of the best in the world, winning 76 Nobel prizes for their scientific achievements.

Find out about the UK biopharma and healthcare sectors on the UKTI’s sectors page, and read about international life sciences opportunities and briefings on life sciences and healthcare in a range of countries.