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Search catalogue descriptions from deposited collections and IET records. 

Detail of a modern lounge from Crabtree's Design for Living catalogue c1960 Search catalogue 

Search the Archives online catalogue for information on the collections including company records, personal papers and images.

How can I search the catalogue?

Use the simple search to search the whole catalogue by subject eg ”Faraday” for the Michael Faraday collections, photographs of Faraday and photographs of Faraday Medallists. 

If you are looking for something specific, try the advanced search. Photograph of a pylon on the Southampton approach 1930s You can search by subject, free text or reference code. Please note that all reference codes need to be prefixed with the IET’s code “UK0108”, eg “UK0108 SC Mss 001”.

What's in the catalogue? 

The catalogue contains detailed descriptions of the collections held in the IET Archives, including company records, institutional records and personal papers of eminent scientists and engineers. It also includes images from our photograph collection.

What next? Deatil from the first page of the 1391 Chaucer manuscript On The Astrolabe

I’ve found a collection I’d like to look at. What do I do?
Visit the Archives if you would like to look at any of the items you have found in the catalogue.

Can I get copies of the material I’ve found?
If you would like to order copies of something in the catalogue, please ask for more information.

I can’t find what I’m looking for.
Try searching using a simpler term, for example ”Faraday” rather than ”Michael Faraday”. If your search is still unsuccessful, email us with your query. An early electric kettle from images in the NAEST collection

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