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Past Presidents of the IEE

A list of Presidents of the IEE from 1872 to 2005. The IEE joined with the IIE in March 2006 to become the IET.The IET Archives holds the official organisational records including Minutes and photographs of Past Presidents.

2005Sir John Chisholm FREng
2004Professor John O’Reilly FREng
2003Sir David Brown FREng BSc DMS
2002Professor Michael John Howard Sterling FREng
2001Professor Brian Mellitt FREng DIC
2000Professor John Edwin Midwinter FREng FRS
1999Dr Malcolm William Kennedy FREng
1998Dr John Michael Taylor FRS FEng
1997David Jefferies CBE FEng
1996Robert Hawley DSc PhD BSc FEng
1995John Parnaby CBE PhD DEng DSc DTech D Univ FEng
1994Professor Sir David Evan Naunton Davies CBE DSc FEng FRS
1993Alan Walter Rudge OBE PhD FEng FRS
1992Professor Peter John Lawrenson DSc FEng FRS
1991Brian William Manley BSc DIC FCGI FEng
1990David Arthur Jones BSc PhD FEng
1989James Cadzow Smith CBE LLD FEng FRSE
1988Thomas Bryce McCrirrick CBE DSc FEng
1987Professor Eric Albert Ash CBE DSc FEng FRS
1986Dr Geoffrey Thomas Shepherd CBE
1985Admiral Sir Lindsay Bryson KCB FEng FRSE
1984Professor John Clifford West CBE FEng
1983Maldwyn Noel John FEng
1982John Banks FEng
1981Sir Francis Tombs FEng
1980Air Marshal Sir Herbert Durkin KBE CB
1979Professor John Brown CBE FEng
1978James Redmond FEng
1977John McIntyre Ferguson CBE FEng
1976Eric Stuart Booth CBE FEng FRS
1975Robert James Clayton CBE FEng
1974James Henry Herbert Merriman CB OBE FEng
1973Archibald George Milne
1972Sir Eric Eastwood CBE FRS
1971Professor John Flavell Coales CBE FEng FRS
1970Henry George Nelson, second Lord Nelson of Stafford FEng
1969David Edmondson
1968Professor John Millar Meek CBE FEng
1967Sir Stanley Brown CBE FEng
1966John Ashworth Ratcliffe CB CBE FEng FRS
1965Leonard Drucquer
1964Olliver William Humphreys CBE
1963Sir Albert Mumford KBE
1962Cecil Thomas Melling CBE
1961George Sail Campbell Lucas OBE
1960Sir Hamish Maclaren KBE CB
1959Sir Willis Jackson FRS
1958Sidney Edward Goodall CBE
1957Thomas Edward Goldup CBE
1956Sir William Gordon Radley KCB CBE
1955Sir George Nelson Bt
1954Josiah Eccles CBE MM
1953Harold Bishop CBE
1952Colonel Bruce Hamer Leeson CBE TD
1951Sir John Hacking
1950Sir Archibald Gill
1949Professor Eric Bailleul Moullin
1948Thomas Graeme N Haldane
1947Percy Good CBE FCGI
1946Sir Vincent Ziani de Ferranti
1945Dr Percy Dunsheath CBE
1944Sir Harry Railing
1943Colonel Sir Stanley Angwin KCMG KBE DSO MC TD
1942Professor Cecil Lewis Fortescue OBE
1941Sir Noel Ashbridge
1940James Robert Beard CBE
1939Johnsone Wright
1938Sir Arthur P M Fleming CBE
1937Lieut-Colonel Sir A George Lee OBE MC
1936Henry Thomas Young
1935John Macfarlane Kennedy OBE
1934William Mundell Thornton OBE
1933Philip Vassar Hunter CBE
1932Edgar Walford Marchant
1931John Muir Donaldson MC
1930Clifford Copland Paterson OBE
1929Colonel Sir Thomas Fortune Purves OBE(Mil)
1928Lieut-Colonel Kenelm Edgcumbe
1927Sir Archibald Page
1926William Henry Eccles FRS
1925Richard Alexander Chattock
1924William Bradley Woodhouse
1923Alexander Russell FRS
1922Frank Gill OBE
1921John Somerville Highfield
1920Llewelyn Birchall Atkinson
1919Roger Thomas Smith
1918Charles Henry Wordingham CBE
1917Charles Henry Wordingham CBE
1916Charles Pratt Sparks CBE
1915Charles Pratt Sparks CBE
1914Sir John Francis Clerverton Snell GBE
1913William Duddell CBE FRS
1912William Duddell CBE FRS
1911Sebastian Ziani de Ferranti FRS
1910Sebastian Ziani de Ferranti FRS
1909Gisbert Kapp
1908William Morris Mordey
1908Colonel Rookes Evelyn Bell Crompton CB FRS
1907Lord Kelvin (Sir William Thomson, (Baron Kelvin of Largs)) OM GCVO FRS
1906Sir Richard Tetley Glazebrook KCB KCVO FRS
1905Sir John Gavey CB
1904Alexander Siemens
1903Robert Kaye Gray
1902Sir James Swinburne Bt FRS
1901William Edward Langdon
1900John Perry FRS
1899Silvanus Phillips Thompson FRS
1898Sir Joseph Wilson Swan FRS
1897Sir Henry Christopher Mance CIE
1896John Hopkinson FRS
1895Colonel Rookes Evelyn Bell Crompton CB FRS
1894Alexander Siemens
1893Sir William Henry Preece KCB FRS
1892William Edward Ayrton FRS
1891Sir William Crookes OM FRS
1890John Hopkinson FRS
1889Sir William Thomson (Baron Kelvin of Largs)
1888Edward Graves
1887Sir Charles Tilston Bright
1886David Edward Hughes FRS
1885Charles Ernest Paolo Della Diana Spagnoletti FRS
1884William Grylls Adams FRS
1883Willoughby Smith
1882Major-General Charles Edmund Webber CB RE
1881George Carey Foster FRS
1880Sir William Henry Preece KCB FRS
1879Lieut-Colonel Sir John Underwood Bateman-Champain KCMG RE
1878Sir Charles William Siemens FRS
1877Sir Frederick Augustus Abel Bt KCB GCVO FRS
1876Charles Vincent Walker FRS
1875Latimer Clark FRS
1874Sir William Thomson (Baron Kelvin of Largs) OM GCVO FRS
1873Frank Ives Scudamore CB
1872Sir Charles William Siemens FRS