IET history

Access resources on the history of the IET, with an overview of its foundation and evolution plus lists of its officials, fellows and medallists.   

IET history

An overview of the history of the IET from its foundation in 1871 to the present day.

Painting of Savoy Place by A Bryett

History of the Savoy and IET London: Savoy Place

A page turner brochure about the history of The Savoy from its medieval beginnings to the present day.

Savoy Place rooms

A guide intended to provide information on the named rooms in Savoy Place, home of the IET in London. Every named room has relationship a with the IET or with the development of engineering and technology.

100 years of INSPEC

Inspec history

For over 100 years, Inspec has been helping the scientific and research community to find the right information. Originating with the Science Abstracts journals in 1898, Inspec has been through some interesting times.

IET Presidents

A list of Presidents of the IET which was formed in March 2006.

IEE Past Presidents

A list of Presidents of the IEE from 1872 to 2005. The IEE joined with the IIE in March 2006 to become the IET.The IET Archives holds the official organisational records including Minutes and photographs of Past Presidents.

IIE Past Presidents

Past Presidents of the IIE. The IIE joined with the IEE in March 2006 to form the IET.

IMfgE Past Presidents

A list of the Past Presidents of the IMfge (formerly the IProdE) from 1921 to 1991 when they merged with the IEE (now the IET).

IERE Past Presidents

Past Presidents of the IERE (Institution of Electronic and Radio Engineers) which merged with the IEE (Institution of Electrical Engineers), now the IET, in 1988.

Honorary Fellows

Honorary Fellows of the Institution including those of the IERE, IMfgE and the IIE from 1873.

Faraday Medallists

The Faraday Medal of the IET is a bronze medal established to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the first Ordinary Meeting of the Society of Telegraph Engineers.

Mountbatten Medallists

A list of recipients of the The Mountbatten Medal from 1992, named after The Earl Mountbatten of Burma, the first Chairman of the National Electronics Council.

World War I Roll of Honour Index

An Index of names from the IET Archives' World War I Roll of Honour. Each name listed has a brief biography and some have accompanying portraits. Copies are available upon request.

Index of member obituaries

The lists of member obituaries have been compiled and recorded by the IET Archives. They refer to a printed obituary that has been published in one of the IET's various journals.

Archives Biographies Index

Index of biographies of eminent 19th century electrical engineers, located in: 'The Blue Book' series (electrical trades directory from 1883) and Secondary Files, a collection of published material held in the Archives.

Archives film collection

A list of films held by the IET Archives of lectures given by either Faraday Medalists or Honorary Fellows. The films are original 16mm reel films, U-matics, or VHS copies dating from 1918 to 1990.

Archives Portrait Collection

A list of portraits held at the IET Archives of Past Presidents and eminent scientists and engineers.