Engineering your family history

Find out what records are kept in the IET Archives to help you with your family history.

Are you tracing your family history? Perhaps you have discovered that a family member was an electrical engineer. Or are you interested in the history of engineering and how engineers' education has developed? If so,  the records at the IET Archives might be able to help you. 

The records we hold that relate to family history include membership application forms (1871-1901); member obituaries and biographies, photographs and films. For more information about all of these please see the links below. 


Family history records at the IET Archives

A guide written to identify the relevant source material held at the IET Archives for family historians to help with their research. 


Family history leaflet

A leaflet produced by the Institution of Engineering and Technology with the Institution of Mechanical Engineers and the Institution of Civil Engineers describing the records available for family history. 


Archives membership forms

If you would like to know whether someone was a member of the Society of Telegraph Engineers or its predecessor the Institution of Electrical Engineers take a look at the membership forms index from 1871-1901. 

Index of member obituaries

The lists of member obituaries have been compiled and recorded by the IET Archives. They refer to a printed obituary that has been published in one of the IET's various journals.

Archives Biographies Index

Index of biographies of eminent 19th century electrical engineers, located in: 'The Blue Book' series (electrical trades directory from 1883) and Secondary Files, a collection of published material held in the Archives.

World War I Roll of Honour Index

An Index of names from the IET Archives' World War I Roll of Honour. Each name listed has a brief biography and some have accompanying portraits. Copies are available upon request.

If you would like to learn more about the World War 1 Roll of Honour please see the related article.


In addition to the record sources listed above there are photographs, films and portraits of our members. These can be searched on the IET Archives online catalogue.