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Vol 49, No 18, 29 August 2013

  • Silica aerogel

    Taking the heat

    Ultra-insulator silica aerogel shows promise for more efficient metal-oxide semiconductor (MOX) gas sensors

  • Members of the Purdue University Ultrafast Optics and Optical Fiber Communications Laboratory

    Tuning with finesse

    Broadband comb sources, generated from a ring laser, can be tuned by the order of MHz through introducing an intracavity Fabry-Perot etalon

  • Carlos Thomaz

    Carlos Thomaz interview

    Dr Carlos Thomaz from Centro Universitario da FEI, Brazil, talks about the research behind his paper ‘A priori-driven multivariate statistical approach to reduce dimensionality of MEG signals'.

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New generation

Researchers in Germany have proposed a technique for generation of UWB signals that uses direct modulation of semiconductor lasers and optical filtering. Their device is capable of generating both monocycle and doublet pulses and offers a simple, compact and low-cost combination of UWB and optical access networks.

Plastering signals

A 3D printing technique for fabrication of frequency selective structures for built-up environments has been developed by researchers in the UK. The cores of the elements are fabricated using a material based on commercially available plaster, and so offer a straightforward approach to the control of electromagnetic wave propagation in buildings.

Inertia and bounce

A novel inertial micro-switch capable of prolonging contact time and reducing the contact-bouncing effect has been designed and manufactured by researchers in China. Solving an important problem that has plagued inertial sensors for several years, this design can be used in a wide range of applications such as accessories, automobiles and military systems.

Multiple division

Wide bandwidth and low insertion loss are important properties for millimetre wave systems, and researchers in China have presented a wideband, low loss millimetre-wave quasi-optical low-loss power divider based on a dipole antenna. The antenna array is inserted in the E-plane of a rectangular waveguide to implement the power-dividing function

Length changing

A dual-band bandpass filter that can be used at two unlicensed bands, 60GHz and 77GHz, has been constructed on a GaAs substrate by researchers in Taiwan. The dual-band filter allows more flexibility in the selection of operational frequencies and the fractional bandwidth by adjusting the lengths of the two sets of resonators.

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