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Inspec vendors table

The Inspec database is available direct from Inspec or from a number of vendors, with a variety of pricing options to cater for both frequent and occasional users.

Inspec database products vendors

This table shows a comparison of the features offered by each vendor.



Update frequency

Years available

Site licence


Inspec DirectWeekly1898 - presentYes 
Inspec Direct Data ServiceWeekly1989 - presentYes 
DialogWeekly1898 - presentYesYes
EbscoWeekly1898 - presentYes 
EiWeekly1898 - presentYes 
MinesoftWeekly1898 - PresentYes 
OvidWeekly1898 - presentYes 
Questel.OrbitWeekly1969 - presentYesYes
STNWeekly1898 - presentYesYes
Thomson InnovationWeekly1898 - presentYes 
Thomson Reuters Web of KnowledgeWeekly1898 - presentYes 
WTiWeekly1969 - presentYesYes