Inspec Search Aids

Inspec produce a range of search aids to assist the user to find the right results. These comprise the Inspec Classification, the Inspec Thesaurus and the List of Journals.

Electronic Search Aids

The Inspec Search Aids (Inspec Classification, Thesaurus and List of Journals) are available to buy in the IET shop, either in PDF, print or as a data file in XML. The XML Search Aids can be bought either individually or as a combined package and is suitable for use with your own search software. To purchase in our web shop, please click on the name of the publication.

Inspec Classification

The Inspec Classification is the subject guide to the subject guide to the Inspec Database and print publications. Each code represents a specific subject area. When searching the Inspec Database the codes are useful in refining a search to a particular subject e.g. mechanical engineering applications, which improves the retrieval accuracy.

The Inspec Classification show the period of use of each entry and, where appropriate, indicates the codes that should be used when searching the Inspec database for references prior to that date.

Inspec Classification 2013 PDF

Inspec Classification XML

Inspec Classification print version


Inspec Thesaurus

The InspecThesaurus contains a listing of the controlled items and the lead-ins or cross-reference terms used in the Inspec database. It also gives the relationship between terms, the dates on which they were added, and the terms in use before these dates.  The Thesaurus contains over 9700 preferred terms.  As well as listing the controlled terms and lead-ins or cross-reference terms, the thesaurus gives further help by showing the relationship between terms, the dates on which they were added and the terms in use before these dates.

Inspec Thesaurus 2013 (PDF)

Inspec Thesaurus XML

Inspec Thesaurus print version


Inspec List of Journals

A useful reference to the serial publications covered by the Inspec database, including the dates and publishers of each title. 

Inspec List of Journals XML


Search Aids Package

Inspec user documentation package XML

A combined version of the Inspec Thesaurus, Classification and List of Journals in XML. Available to purchase through the IET shop.The Inspec Thesaurus is available as a data file in XML suitable for using with your own search software.