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About Inspec

The Inspec database contains 15 million bibliographic and indexed records to physics and engineering global research literature.

Scientists and engineers from all over the world search Inspec to identify quality research information, saving time and money and accelerating their research activities. Inspec can be used to alert you to new developments in your field, track new technology and products, monitor competitors, search for patent novelty and analyse data by a wide variety of parameters.

Key features

  • Comprehensive coverage - 15 million records in the fields of electronics, computer science, physics, electrical, control, production and mechanical engineering.

  • Content - indexing and abstracts of articles selected from nearly 5000 scientific and technical journals (1600 of which are indexed from cover to cover), some 2500 conference proceedings, as well as numerous books, reports, dissertations and scientific videos.

  • Specialised subject indexing by experts that retrieves accurate and extensive results.

  • Web links to the original article (where available) - currently nearly 7.5 million links.

For further information watch our Inspec overview video.


Inspec material is © 2015 The Institution of Engineering and Technology. All rights reserved.

The material including but not limited to the Inspec Database, Inspec Thesaurus and Inspec Classification as published by The Institution of Engineering and Technology is the copyright and database right of The Institution of Engineering and Technology and may not be reproduced without permission.