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S883 - Government use of procurement as a tool to stimulate innovation within industry


Inquiry on Public procurement as a tool to stimulate innovation: Engineering the Future comments to the House of Lords Science and Technology Select Committee.


Stimulating innovation through procurement would create two main benefits. Firstly, it would reinvigorate the manufacturing and technology sectors. Secondly, it would improve public services at reduced long term costs. The great opportunity provided by public procurement derives from the fact that procurements take place across the whole of the public sector and the sums of money are so large. However, this is also the reason why bringing about change will be such a challenge. Leadership from very senior levels of government will be important. Specific actions are required to increase technical knowledge in the civil service and to reduce risk aversion amongst government procurers.

Submission Details Submitted on 13 December 2010 to House of Lords Science and Technology Select Committee

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