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S869 - Traffic management and net neutrality


Consultation on Traffic management and ‘net neutrality’: IET comments to the Office of Communications (Ofcom).


The separation of the traffic management issues from the more contentious content concerns is supported. Emotive terms such as ‘fair use rules’ and ‘peer-to-peer’ can colour the debate in undesirable ways and should be avoided wherever possible. Many of the tensions reflect the rapid evolution of the networks and the applications that run on them, and this evolution is expected to continue for some time. To pay for the faster network needed to resolve the issues posed by increasing user demand may require a choice to be made between raising flat-rate charges for all or moving towards a system of proportional charging, adjusted to the cost of provision and characteristics such as time of day and the nature of the usage. This implies a form of ‘management’ and would lead to a ‘smart internet’.

Submission Details Submitted on 09 September 2010 to Office of Communications (Ofcom)

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Keywords and Search Terms Telecommunication networks, Traffic, Telecommunication network management, Internet, Pricing, Costs, Broadband networks