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S855 - Enquiry into Renewables and the grid


Enquiry into Renewables and the grid: IET comments to the Parliamentary Renewable and Alternative Energy Group (PRASEG).


The electricity network will need to expand substantially at transmission level to accommodate renewable, nuclear and other new generation. However, it is perhaps at the distribution level where the greatest changes are needed. In order to achieve a low carbon energy solution, the current passive distribution network needs to be transformed into a smart grid to enable it to meet the substantial new demands for electricity created by electric vehicles and heat pumps, and for these and all other sources of demand to play their full role in balancing variable renewable generation. It is difficult to overstate the extent of the changes needed. All available techniques and technologies will need to play their part and high quality research and development programmes will be needed.

Submission Details Submitted on 08 January 2010 to Parliamentary Renewable and Alternative Energy Group (PRASEG)

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Keywords and Search Terms Electricity supply industry, National grid, Power transmission, Distribution networks, Renewable energy sources, Nuclear power, Environment, Smart grid, Research and development