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S846 - Priorities for investment in the railways


Inquiry into Priorities for investment in the railways: Railway Engineers Forum comments to the House of Commons Transport Select Committee.



Without substantial investment in rail, customers will have ever poorer alternatives to road and air and it will be difficult to increase rail’s modal share. Given the difficulty of reducing specific carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions on road and air fast enough to offset the high rate of traffic growth of these modes, transport will continue to be the only major sector for which emissions are continuing to grow unless the market share of sustainable modes like rail increases substantially. However, most of the potential for using existing capacity better may have been exploited. Carefully chosen investments of various kinds are now required to increase capacity. Since the railways were privatised both passenger and freight markets have grown dramatically. It will require more investment in rail to sustain this than was necessary during the years of relative stagnation that preceded privatisation.

Submission Details Submitted on 01 September 2009 to House of Commons Transport Select Committee

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