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S821 - New Inquiry into The Major Road Network


New inquiry into the Major road network: IET comments to the House of Commons Transport Committee.


A transport strategy that is long-term, consistent and farsighted is needed from Government. There is no measure for “optimal efficiency”, but free flow needs to be ensured without building unnecessary stretches of road. The biggest issue is the lack of predictability of travel times and the reliability of the road network, which are even more important than journey-length. This is a factor that is often overlooked. The UK has world class intelligent transport systems (ITS) industries, consultants and academics. Its potential for traffic management is, however, not harnessed. Public acceptability of measures such as congestion charging needs to be improved. This is not being addressed by the Government at all.

Submission Details Submitted on 14 January 2009 to House of Commons Transport Committee

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