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Transport Policy Panel

Identifying policy issues applicable to the transport sector and providing guidance to IET members, government and the public.

The Transport Policy Panel identifies and advises on policy issues applicable to the sector, and provides expert input on submissions to government and other consultations. It also provides guidance to the IET across all relevant professional activities including IET strategy formulation.

The IET believes there are two key principles which should underpin the development of transport policy:

  • transport is a system; decisions in one area will have an impact on other areas, be mindful of these impacts and where necessary address them. This may often require working across government departments and agencies
  • technology can play a role in delivering better transport outcomes, such as carbon reduction, but their effective development and deployment requires both a clear long term policy ambition and incentives (either fiscal or regulatory) for the market to switch to these technologies

For a more detailed overview on the IET’s Transport policy positions visit our transport key topics page.

It is one of fourteen policy panels established by the IET policy department.

Members of the Transport Policy Panel

Current Activities

(published documents can be downloaded from Transport factfiles )

  • Doing more for less with the UK inter-city rail network
    A short policy statement outlining the technology and operation methods which could be used to help deliver on rail transport objectives without the need for new infrastructure build.
    (This follows on from our report last year Doing more for less with the UK road network.)
  • Tram Train technology
    A short Factfile outlining tram train technology, the engineering principles behind it and the transport policy objectives it can help to meet.
  • Opti-modality
    Jointly with the IET's Transport Sector, this project seeks to explain the concept of opti-modality - the principle of integrating transport by looking at each transport mode and working out where their application would be most effective, before looking at how to integrate that mode with other modes.

Future topics

  • Technology to achieve greater safety in transport
  • UK rolling stock procurement
  • Mitigating pollution around transport hubs
  • Technology to improve transport accessibility
  • Doing more for less in UK civil aviation

Relevant submissions 


Additional submissions made by the IET may be found in the submissions archive.

If you are a member, and would like to input into the IET's policy work, please join the Transport Policy Key.

For more information on the Transport Policy Panel please contact the Policy Department