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Manufacturing Policy Panel

Identifying policy issues applicable to the manufacturing sector and providing guidance to government.

The IET Manufacturing Policy Panel is made up of high profile representatives from large and small manufacturing companies, manufacturing academia and related organisations. 

The aims of the panel are to:

  • provide guidance and direction to the IET on activities supporting the manufacturing sector
  • articulate a point of view about the prerequisites for a successful UK manufacturing industry and the role of the IET towards this end
  • maintain liaison with other interested and influential bodies
  • formulate responses, on behalf of the IET to appropriate government or non governmental organisation (NGO) publications and opinion and policy forming activities
  • provide the IET with advice on how the IET plan, annual reports and other IET publications might properly reflect strategic manufacturing considerations and appropriate communication
  • raise to the attention of the IET any items of concern or interest in the area of manufacturing

It is one of fourteen policy panels established by the IET policy department.

For more information on the Manufacturing Policy Panel please contact the Policy Department at

Members of the Manufacturing Policy Panel




Current Activities

(previous output can be found in Manufacturing factfiles )

  • International comparison of manufacturing SME growth
  • How do manufacturing SMEs grow? What lessons can we learn from international competitors to spur UK manufacturing SME growth?

Relevant submissions


Additional submissions made by the IET may be found in the submissions archive.

If you are a member, and would like to input into the IET's policy work, please join the Manufacturing Policy Key.