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Mobiles, Pylons and Health Policy Panel

The IET's Biological Effects Policy Panel - studying the health effects of mobile phones, power lines and base stations.

The panel currently comprises six of the United Kingdom's scientific experts on electromagnetic fields/radiation and their possible harmful biological and health effects. In this role these volunteers function independently of their employers and are drawn from medicine, academia and industry to consider the effects of low level non-ionising radiation from below 50 Hz through to 300 G Hz. The panel concentrates on peer reviewed and published studies retrieved by monthly computerised searches of three major databases: INSPEC; MEDLINE; and BIOSIS.

  • INSPEC is a database maintained by the IET. Coverage is centred on four main subject areas: physics; electrical engineering; electronics and communications; computers, computing and information technology
  • MEDLINE is the database maintained by the US National Library of Medicine (NLM). It provides access to articles published in the 3800 biomedical journals published around the world
  • BIOSIS is an American 'not for profit' organisation that publishes biological abstracts and zoological records. It provides access to 6000 periodicals covering biological and biomedical sciences

This consensus analysis of contemporary published peer reviewed scientific studies that have enhanced the cumulative subject knowledge, is used to produce the biennial position statement.

The Biological Effects Policy Panel also produces a factfile on the possible health effects of mobile phones, power lines & base stations. This factfile is designed to aid public understanding of this important and sensitive subject through explaining key aspects of the science, technology and terminology used.

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