Tomorrow's Engineers Week

The IET is proud to support Tomorrow's Engineers Week (4-8 November 2013) - an opportunity to find out more about the exciting careers you could have as an engineer.

About Tomorrow's Engineers Week

An initiative of Tomorrow’s Engineers, the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) and partners including the IET, Tomorrow's Engineers Week showcases all the exciting businesses and industries - including space, construction, transport, cosmetics, medicine, food, and fashion - that rely on the work of creative engineers.



To celebrate the week, the IET is releasing a set of five videos - one for each day - to highlight why engineering is such a good career choice, and also some of the work the Institution does to inspire the next generation of engineers and technicians.


Parliamentary event

Leading up to Tomorrow's Engineers Week, the IET organised a successful parliamentary event, which saw 67 cross-party UK MPs sign an IET pledge to support young engineers, especially women, in their constituencies.


Perkins' Review

Day one of Tomorrow's Engineers Week will see BIS publish Professor John Perkins’ Review of Engineering Skills, outlining recommendations and actions to address both short and long-term engineering skills issues. You can find out more about the IET's involvement in, and response to, the report on Member News online.