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Energy Bill must not offer ‘piecemeal solutions’ says expert

20 November 2012

The Institution of Engineering and Technology’s (IET) leading energy expert is calling for the Government’s forthcoming Energy Bill to demonstrate holistic, joined-up thinking rather than offering piecemeal solutions.

Simon Harrison, Chair of the IET Energy Policy Panel, said: “The Energy Bill needs to deal with short term capacity concerns (over the next 2 to 10 years) and enable the transformation to a low carbon energy system over the short and long term. It needs to demonstrate systems thinking rather than piecemeal solutions.

“A key aspect of the Bill must be some clarity of market arrangements to incentivise gas power plant in the short term.  It must also include appropriate arrangements to bring clarity to new nuclear and enable construction to proceed whilst giving a reasonable deal to consumers.

“There need to be clear statements of intent for the major renewables, including visibility of quantity for each technology to be built by 2020. Plus arrangements to incentivise demand participation and storage in the future energy system, and the demonstration of carbon capture and storage at scale.

"The all-important ‘systems thinking’ needs to include the modernisation of Britain's electricity networks: the power 'transport system' is a key enabler for achieving effective outcomes for consumers in a lower carbon world."

The Energy Bill is expected by the end of November.

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