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Criteria guidelines for Fellowship

An outline of the criteria required for application to the Fellow membership category.

Check that you meet the requirements of Fellowship:






Strategic role influencing corporate direction and directing or writing general and technical policies and procedures (commercial, industrial, government, academic or military).
  • 300 – 500 (max) word narrative indicating inter alia:
    • Sphere of influence within organisation;
    • Level at which represent organisation externally;
    • Number, type and professional status of staff reporting;
    • Budget responsibility, influence and size;
    • Type and status of policies and procedures produced;
    • Role in any investigations into major incidents.


Operational responsibility for significant programmes, activities and resources within employing organisation (commercial, industrial, government, academic or military.
  • 300 – 500 (max) word narrative indicating inter alia:
    • Level within organisation structure indicated on an organisational chart; 
    • Number, type and professional status of staff reporting;
    • Budget responsibility, influence and size;
    • Size and scale of projects or objectives delivered.

Insight and experience

Consultant, Business, Management or Technical Specialist role related to Engineering and Technology.
  • 300 – 500 (max) word narrative indicating inter alia:
    • Range of clients served;
    • Level within client organisations at which advice sought;
    • Typical value of commissions.



Original research resulting in international recognition.
  • 300-500 (max) word summary of numbers and time scale of:
    • Published work (as principal author) and/or other public output;
    • Patents;
    • Citations, invitations as conference Chair, to  organising committee, Keynote speakers etc;
    • Research grants and funding.

       References to the latest three examples in each category
       should be given.



Personal responsibility for significant technological (product) innovation and achievement.
  • 300-500 (max) word statement describing:
    • How ‘personal responsibility’ is manifested;
    • The scale of acknowledgement and media coverage, (with URL links as appropriate);
    • Summary of numbers and time scale of resultant products, patents, of peer reviewed papers in learned journals, international conferences and public output.

       References to the latest three examples in each category
       should be given.



Personal successful creation and development of a business in a sector of relevance to the IET.
  • 300 – 500 (max) word narrative covering:
    • Products and services;
    • Turnover;
    • Number of employees;
    • Funding sources;
    • Market, Clients.



Outstanding service on national and international professional bodies.
  • List of the bodies, and applicant’s level and time scale of engagement in no more than 300 words, for example:
    • BSI Standards Committees, and international organisations;
    • Chair of an IET senior Committee or Board;
    • IET representative on major external body (e.g. Engineering Council).



Recognition of standing.
  • Up to 300 word statement addressing (for example):
    • National and international awards such as decorations and honours;
    • Registration with the Engineering Council;
    • Fellowship of another Professional Engineering Institution;
    • Honorary degrees;
    • Awards from the IET and other professional bodies (e.g. FREng, FRS);
    • Government specialist advisor.


Influence and contribution

Other activity that meets the IET Expectations for Fellow, and is not identified above.
  • 300-500 (max) word statement addressing, inter alia, examples of:
    • Exemplary leadership;
    • Superior responsibility;
    • Outstanding  innovation;
    • Significant professional service;
    • Sustained achievement.

[1] It is unlikely that material more than 10 years old will be sufficiently novel.

View guidance on who qualifies as referees.

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