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Please Note:  Any Fellow application form downloaded before November 2013 will no longer be accepted by the Fellowship Panel for processing after the 1 July 2014.

Fellowship of the Institution of Engineering & Technology may be awarded to individuals who have sustained high levels of achievement, for example through leadership, influence, senior responsibility, innovation, and professional service, at the forefront of engineering, technology or cognate disciplines for a period of five years or more. Fellows work within the codes of conduct and ethical obligations of the profession and are strongly encouraged to engage with the many voluntary activities of the Institution.

Fellows of the IET are eligible to use the designatory letters FIET (Fellow of the Institution of Engineering and Technology)

Becoming a Fellow of the IET

Fellow is the highest grade of membership of the IET for which application can be made.  Application will normally be made by an individual on their own behalf, but it is also possible for individuals to be nominated by others.  Consideration of applications will be in accordance with the IET’s policies on equal opportunities and diversity.

Election to Fellowship of the IET is thus a prestigious achievement; indeed the standing of the IET is very much defined by the distinction of its Fellows, who in turn enjoy the reflected status brought by the Institution’s global reach.

It is not necessary to be a Member of the IET in order to apply for Fellowship; neither is registration with the Engineering Council[1] a prerequisite.  All that is required is that applicants provide evidence of meeting the IET Expectation for Fellows (see Apply for Fellowship above).  With this in mind, a number of criteria have been identified which, together with typical indicators and associated evidence, will guide candidates in the preparation of an application.  Not all these criteria need to be met; however it is unlikely that satisfying a single criterion will suffice, and applicants are encouraged to identify their strongest two in their application and to provide solid supporting evidence.  Applications will be enhanced if applicants are able to show engagement with appropriate Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activities over the past 3 years by means of a separate log, and a commitment to continue to undertake CPD.

Applications will be welcomed by those from a wide range of engineering backgrounds or contexts.  Thus, whilst many applicants will be working within the five sectors in which IET has a strategic focus (Built Environment; Design and Production; Energy; Information and Communication; and Transport), a broader constituency is acknowledged.  Similarly, the IET would wish to recognise those who are active in a range of settings (for example as consultants, technical specialists, or within SMEs and therefore without the benefits of scale of large organisations), or within a variety of engineering contexts – for example those working in engineering aspects of education, law, finance, or the media.

It should be noted that the IET Board of Trustees may elect individuals to a higher grade of IET membership, that of Honorary Fellow, (HonFIET). Honorary Fellows include those distinguished individuals whom the IET desires to honour for services rendered to the IET or whose association is of benefit to the Institution. IET members may propose names of individuals to be considered for Honorary Fellowship.

Find out more about the Criteria or measures that are used in assessment for Fellowship.

[1] The Engineering Council registers Chartered Engineers, Incorporated Engineers, Engineering Technicians and ICT Technicians.  Further details can be found at

How to apply

Application for Fellowship is a five part process. You are advised to read through the whole process before beginning your application:

Criteria guidelines for Fellowship (Academics)

Information on criteria relating to applicants with an academic background.

Criteria guidelines for Fellowship (Armed Forces)

Information on criteria relating to Armed Forces applicants.

Criteria guidelines for Fellow referees

Guidance on who qualifies to act as a referee.

Submit your application

Details on how to submit your application.

Assessment panel decision

The application is reviewed by the assessment panel and chairman and a decision is made.

Appeals process

If you disagree with the assessment panel decision, you can appeal.


If your application for Fellowship is successful, you will join the senior category of membership and have demonstrated long term commitment to the industry. The IET recognises this achievement by publishing a list of recently elected Fellows.


Apply for Fellowship of the IET