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Reduced membership subscription rates

Outline of the current reduced membership fees, eligibility for discounts and how to claim.

Reduced subscriptions are available to members in certain circumstances who would usually be paying the full IET standard rate.

If you are not paying the standard rate, you are already enjoying a reduced or legacy subscription rate (see the "Payment Section" of your renewal notice) further reductions cannot be claimed. However; should the circumstances below apply to you and the reduction shown would be more favourable, then you may opt to pay that amount instead.


Reduced IET membership fees for 2015

Standard rates for 2015 are shown in the table below, together with the relevant reduced rate.

Category of membership

Standard rate

Reduced rate

Fellow (FIET)£168.00£84.00
Member with designatory letters (TMIET or MIET)£144.00£72.00
Students and apprentices (one year)See reduced rate£20.00
Students and apprentices (for duration of course)See reduced rate£50.00
Qualified and registered Fellow (CEng, IEng, CEE)£202.00£101.00
Qualified and registered Member (CEng, IEng, CEE)£178.00£89.00
Qualified and registered Fellow (EngTech and ICTTech)£182.00£91.00
Qualified and registered Member (EngTech and ICTTech)£158.00£79.00

Last year's reduced fees


Reduced Engineering Council fees for 2015

Members who pay a reduced IET membership subscription and who are professionally registered with the Engineering Council also qualify for a reduced Engineering Council fee.

Category of professional registration

Standard rate

Reduced rate

Chartered Engineer (CEng) £35.70£16.10
Incorporated Engineer (IEng) £30.20£13.50
Engineering Technician (EngTech) £17.40£7.80
ICT Technician (ICTTech) £17.40£7.80

Last year's reduced fees


Eligibility for reductions

Career break

Members taking a career break to raise a family may claim a 50 per cent discount off the standard subscription rate. This discount must be applied for annually.

Reduced Income

Members (including part-time postgraduate students) whose annual income is less than £24,000 or its equivalent in local currency may claim a 50 per cent discount off the standard subscription rate. This discount must be applied for annually.


Members who have been made redundant and are seeking work may claim a 50 per cent discount off the standard subscription rate. This discount must be applied for annually.


Retired members aged over 65 years who are retired from paid employment and who have paid subscriptions to the IET for at least 10 consecutive years are eligible for a 50 per cent reduction off the standard subscription rate. This discount must be applied for and thereafter will be applied automatically each year. This discount does not apply in China and India where the IET offers a special rate in local currency.

Students and apprentices

Apprentices, all undergraduates and full-time postgraduate students studying to satisfy the IET membership requirements will automatically be billed at a reduced rate of £20.00.


How to claim your reduction

You can apply and pay at the reduced rate online. Go to My IET, select "My Account" and follow the onscreen instructions (login required).

To claim a reduction over the phone, please contact Membership Services Quote your membership number and state your circumstance (eg redundancy) to the Membership Services representative.

To apply for a reduction by post, please state your circumstance (e.g. redundancy) in the payment section of your renewal notice and adjust the payment amount and total due accordingly. Return your completed renewal notice to:

Membership Services
PO Box 40

Please note...

All reduced IET membership fees and reduced Engineering Council fees are effective from 1 January 2015.

Membership of the IET runs for 12 consecutive months from date of payment (e.g. an individual joining the IET in March 2015 would receive a renewal notice in April 2016).

All claims for reductions or refunds must be made within three months of your membership subscription due date.

The IET reserves the right to request proof of your eligibility for a reduced subscription rate.

If you have any queries about the reductions, please contact Membership Services