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Paul Basra, NMC Analyst

Paul works as a NMC Analyst for BT.

Summary of job Paul Basra

Monitoring of high profile customers' networks, acting upon incidents as they occur, while also operating in a proactive manner by advising customers of areas where financially they can benefit but maintain network resilience, constitutes the majority of my job role. Working to tight SLAs when dealing with telephone queries, acting upon electronic mail and deploying disaster recovery process when devices become non-operational is an everyday occurrence.

How did you get into your profession?

Completing an apprenticeship with BT within engineering, changing job roles internally at various milestones during my long and successful career.

What formal qualifications do you have?

I have a Certificate in Information, Technology and Computing from the Open University, BTEC in Telecommunications and an NVQ in Communication Technology Standards.

How did you hear about ICTTech?

I had been a member of the IET for a while before hearing about the qualification through your organisation. I decided to join your organisation after hearing about the special relationship BT have with yourselves.

Why did you decide to apply for ICTTech?

I considered it an easy way to portray my information communication technologies skills at interviews without having to go through the rigmarole of relying upon real life examples, of which there are many.

What does having ICTTech mean to you and your career?

It is one of the many stepping stones I consider will develop my status within my chosen area of communications.