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Find out how to interact with the IET and raise your professional profile.

Membership offers countless opportunities for you to get involved in IET activities and raise your profile within the global engineering and technology community. Don't just join, join in!


IET members can get involved with a broad range of volunteering opportunities. Volunteering will give you great personal satisfaction whilst being an enjoyable and rewarding experience which enhances both your professional and personal development as well as providing immense benefit to others.

You can get involved by:

  • Helping to organise meetings and events for your Local Network or chosen Technical and Professional Network;
  • Nominate yourself for a seat on one of the IET’s main boards or committees, including Council and the Board of Trustees;
  • Submitting research papers to the IET journals;
  • Helping to author new publications;
  • Reviewing papers in your area of expertise;
  • Speaking at a Local Network meeting;
  • Taking on the role of a professional review interviewer;
  • Getting involved with applications for professional registration;
  • Becoming an IET mentor;
  • Contributing to government consultations;
  • Assisting in assessments for awarding qualifications;
  • Promoting IET activities in schools, colleges, universities and in places of employment.


Local Networks

With over 100 Local Networks around the world, there is a community of IET members near you which provide a host of professional networking opportunities. The level of involvement is up to you. Simply go along to an event or get more involved by joining the Local Network committee and helping put together the programme of events. You may even be interested in giving a talk - no matter the amount of time you can commit, your Local Network committee would be delighted to hear from you.

Technical and professional networks (TPNs)

The IET has over 30 TPNs which enable engineering and technology professionals, academics and students to come together to discuss research and innovation in their sectors. You can take part in these technical discussions in a number of ways - using the online discussion forums, attending a TPN organised event or even joining a TPN committee.

For more information on getting involved please contact the IET directly.

Shaping the future

The IET is a voice for the profession and represents the views of its members on a wide range of professional and technological issues. During the course of a year, the IET responds to around 30 consultations from Parliament, Government, the European Union and other agencies. The responses submitted include contributions from our members so you really do have a means to offer your opinion and help us shape the future.

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