Communication excellence

Bringing together theoretical and practical applications to enhance your communication skills. 

Course overview 

This programme is designed to maximise your skills and confidence in relation to your role. It is packed with practical information, tips and techniques which you can take on board today and apply in the workplace immediately to increase your opportunity to have productive, harmonious and trusted working relationships.

Who should attend?

This course if designed for anyone looking to improve their communication skills

Topics covered

• Elements of communication• Methods to channel your communication
• Filtering communication• Everyday words
• Listening skills• Transactional analysis
• Effective questioning• Assertive communication
• Communication styles• Conflict resolution
• Stakeholder audit• Seeing different points of view
 • Giving feedback
 • Personal action planning for success

Course objectives

• Accurately identify the five stages of the communication process by recalling them at the end of the session.
• Through the communications, exercise correctly identify three areas of self-development in communications.
• Using your stakeholder audit, identify five key areas of developing your communication style with them.
• Correctly recall the three states we can adopt through the method known as, transactional analysis.  
• Using your workbook, correctly identify the five different conflict approaches.

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