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CMI Level 3 in First Line Management and Leadership for Engineering Technicians

 CMI Level 3 in First Line Management and Leadership for EngTech

EngTech Professionals - Fast track to a recognised Level 3 Diploma in First Line Management

Available exclusively for EngTech professionals, this customised programme has been specifically developed as a result of mapping the Engineering Council UK-SPEC standard against the CMI Level 3 Diploma in First Line Management. This mapping allows EngTech registered candidates nearly 30% exemption from the modules to complete a standard diploma.

EngTech Fast Track candidates complete 5 modules instead of the usual 7 of the standard CMI programme

Who should attend

The Level 3 qualifications in First Line Management are ideally suited to those who are new to management and for those who want to increase their understanding and abilities as their career progresses

Why take this route

This programme provides a broad-based, practical learning of important ideas, techniques and overall competencies that will improve effectiveness and performance. Everything you study is related to the management roles and responsibilities you exercise, and the elements of the programme ensure that you can immediately apply newly learned skills, knowledge and techniques in very practical ways.

The qualification you will achieve

On successful completion of this programme you will achieve a Level 3 Diploma in First Line Management.
Achieving a qualification in First Line Management will not only boost performance, but it will enhance career prospects. It can be used as a springboard towards further management development as it is a route through to more advanced qualifications such as Level 5 Qualifications ion Management and Leadership and the Level 7 qualification in Strategic Management and Leadership.

Module content:

full course overview

Unit 3002 Induction Resource Planning

  • Understand how to plan resource needs within the team
  • Understand the need for change to resource requirements
  • Be able to monitor, record and control resources within the work area

Unit 3003 Meeting Stakeholder Needs

  • Be able to identify stakeholders and plan to meet their needs            
  • Understand the process required to continually improve meeting stakeholder needs     
  • Be able to prepare a case to support a change in meeting stakeholder needs

Unit 3004 Managing & Communicating Information

  • Be able to gather and select data     
  • Be able to interpret data and information related to a work activity            
  • Be able to communicate the results of the information analysis  

Unit 3005 Developing Individuals & Teams

  • Understand the factors involved in leading a team to achieve agreed objectives       
  • Understand the current competencies of individuals and teams    
  • Understand the competencies of individuals and teams 

Unit 3007 Maintaining Quality Standards

  • Understand the concept of quality
  • Understand the impact of quality on team operations
  • Understand how to measure an aspect of quality for a team activity


Dates and fees

Cohort two

London Register online 

 Induction day 19 October 2015
 Workshop one 30 November 2015
 Workshop two 11 January 2016
 Workshop three 22 February 2016
 Workshop four 11 April 2016


The cost of this course is £2,640 plus VAT (£528). Total £3168

If you would like to book a place on this course please contact:

Tel: +44 (0)1438 765616
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