Sophie Robinson

Sophie started the Cisco System Advanced Apprenticeship in 2011 and is on a project management-focused level 4 apprenticeship. As well as external training she has had the opportunity to work with Cisco customers including Verizon and Morgan Stanley.

Sophie Robinson

Winter 2013 diary entry

Even though Sophie’s focus has moved away from engineering towards more marketing and customer service orientated roles, she’s continued to make use of her technical skills, recently building a new internal web area.



Sophie Robinson working on her laptop

Summer/Autumn 2013 diary entry

Working within project management service marketing at Cisco, Sophie’s helped recruit six new apprentices, worked at career fairs and also gained her Cisco Certified Design Associate (CCDA) and ITIL Foundation Certification.



Sophie Robinson

Spring 2013 diary entry

Cisco apprentice Sophie has been transitioning from working with customers and building relationships to working on projects as a project manager during the last couple of months, all thanks to the company’s placement rotations.



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