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Matthew Payne, Atlas Copco Compressors

An apprentice compressor engineer, Matthew’s enjoying the challenge of learning new skills. He hopes in time to specialise in mechanical engineering and use his skills to work overseas.

Matthew Payne, Atlas Copco Compressors Matthew is currently in the second year of his apprenticeship as a compressor engineer at Atlas Copco Compressors. He’s always had an interest in all things mechanical, which was encouraged by his father, a car mechanic. He knew he’d be happy with any job that involved having a spanner in his hand, and was lucky enough to have family in the industry that helped him find the perfect route in.

“My uncle worked for Atlas Copco as a ‘hands-on’ sales engineer and supported my enthusiasm to join a world-leading compressor engineering company,” he explains. “After schooling, I wanted to apply to Atlas Copco for a job but with no driving license at the time it wasn’t possible. Fortunately, I was able to eventually be a part of the company’s apprenticeship scheme.”

His route into the apprenticeship

During his school years, Matthew attended a skills tuition college in Manchester on a two year Level 1 NVQ and panel beating course, and after finishing his school exams he took a job in a vehicle body shop.

From there, he worked for three years in car servicing where he achieved a Level 2 NVQ in vehicle maintenance. Now, whilst carrying out compressor service training for Atlas Copco, he is undertaking his second year of an NVQ in mechanical and electrical engineering.

“I have had a thorough grounding in car mechanics, but now I hope to achieve the same skills level in compressor engineering,” he says.

Life as an engineering apprentice

“The apprenticeship is very enjoyable, I get to visit customer sites and solve and diagnose any issues they may have,” he continues. “This gives me real job satisfaction and I often drive away from the customer with a smile on my face.

“It’s a varied and worthwhile job that has far exceeded my expectations. I have been guided and mentored by Atlas Copco from the very start of my apprenticeship and am gaining invaluable experience in a specialised and highly exciting industry.”

Matthew’s engineering career goals

Matthew’s goal is to develop a career focused on hands-on mechanical engineering.

“I am particularly interested in getting involved in areas such as offshore engineering, which will combine my abilities and a desire to travel and see the world,” he notes.