DIY makeover turns shabby shed into hip hangout

A shabby shed used by children at Southampton General Hospital has been transformed into a hip hangout thanks to a DIY makeover by SETA apprentices and staff.

SETA apprentices and staff from Southampton General Hospital Earlier this year SETA pulled together a team of staff, apprentices and a local graffiti artist to turn a plain wooden hut used as a den by children with complex chronic illnesses staying at the hospital’s paediatric unit Bursledon House, into a brighter and more inviting space.

Eleven apprentices plus some SETA staff got stuck in with wire brushes and wood stain to spruce up the structure, which the older children use to chill out, watch TV or play table football away from the main house. It is also occasionally used for private one-to-one therapy sessions so it needs to offer a relaxed and inviting environment.

The team turned the tatty looking outdoor hut into a lighter and brighter place in two days, rubbing down the walls and ceilings then painting and wood-staining them to give them a fresh look. Inside, their work provided street artist MyDogSighs with a blank canvas for his work of art.

“We’re always happy to support Bursledon House so when they asked if there was anything we could do to make this outside structure a bit more inviting for the young people who use it we knew we had all the skills to do it,” says Claire Sutton, SETA’s marketing manager. “We asked the companies we work with if they would ‘lend’ us some of the apprentices we support and we’re grateful to DP World, Hertel, ExxonMobil and M&J Mobility who were happy to help.”

“We’ve been trying to upgrade the hut for at least a couple of years because it had become very scruffy,” says Hilary Garrett, senior sister at Bursledon House. “SETA apprentices, staff and street artist MyDogSighs have given it a new lease of life and turned it back into a great place for our young people to chill.”