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Kirsty Rossington, National Grid

Kirsty Rossington is a substation apprentice for National Grid. Her job involves maintaining the equipment and carrying out repairs on substations to ensure the area surrounding them is supplied with electricity.

Kirsty Rossington - National Grid

During her off job training Rossington is working towards City & Guilds and NVQ qualifications needed to complete her apprenticeship, along with the technical certificates for courses she has completed while at the training centre.


What she loves more than anything about this role is the variety.

"No two weeks are the same as there is such a variety of equipment to work on in a substation, and with more than one substation in my area I could be in a different location every week," she says. "The practical and hands on nature of my job means I'm out and about putting the skills I've learnt during my apprenticeship into practice, and the mixture of theory during training provides me with the knowledge I need to maintain important equipment needed to keep the lights on! "

Why National Grid?

Rossington applied for a National Grid apprenticeship because the practical nature of working on a substation appealed to her, as did the qualifications and training she knew she'd receive.

"The opportunities for further development and progression within National Grid means it is always challenging and I always have something to work towards," she explains.

Her working day

Rossington's working day on site begins at 8am and finishes at 4pm. Much of her work is done outside while on site, whereas training is done at a fully equipped training centre and includes both classroom based theory and practical aspects in the workshop. There is also an outdoor substation at the centre, which allows her to safely learn about the equipment she will be working on without it being live.